Christmas number one 1984

Band aid

They said
nothing ever grows
but everything comes up here
acacia honey, bees in their own juices,
and rain or rivers do flow,
do you know?

Awash, blue Nile, Omo
sunbirds in the wall, Lalibella –
the oldest Christmas of all.

they sung a parting gift
this gesture
a ticket
a hairy sheen,
wistful mouth dilations

It’s Christmas time,
and do you know?

lakes of tea, tilapia
crocodiles unseen in
the silt of the rift
any rift, our rift
do you know what you’re missing
at all?
at all?

shepherd slinging
meso meso
kumbala kumbala
yeah yo?
chewing-wads, green cheek,
glutinous smiles
and do you know?
for twenty five years

a three-pound song
untorn from its plastic
loosened guilt, was that all?
Twenty five years of missing the point, and
do you know anything about Ethiopia
At all?

Performed as part of Roddy Lumsden’s Christmas number one project at Betty Trotwood, Sunday 13th December.

© Nia Davies, 2009