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Interversions is a multilingual poetic collaboration between Mamta Sagar and Nia Davies exploring the manifestation of poetry in multiple mediums such as performance, translation, film, sound, installation and friendship bringing together people and poetry from Wales and Karnataka. Events, workshops and activities took place across the UK and India in 2017 and 2018. Starting in Wales in May 2017 before moving into England then to Bengaluru in August 2017 the project involved poets, translators, musicians, dancers, performers and communities in a rolling set of ‘interversions’. Interversions is part of the Poetry Connections initiated by Literature Across Frontiers, part of India Wales from British Council Wales and Wales Arts International, a major season of artistic collaboration between the two countries to mark the UK-India Year of Culture.

Interversions is also a book from Poetrywala and three poetryfilms made with Shristifilms.






20.02.14 – 31.05.14

Command Plus exhibition

The Exhibition

Command Plus is the inaugural show of the & / project. It brings together art, text, poetry and design by a web of collaborators, Molly Morin, Nia Davies, Nora O’ Murchú and Alice Poulalion, creating a cycle of interactive work and response that confounds the distinction between text and image. This mingling becomes especially potent in this online space, where images and text must first be transformed into code in order to populate a virtual, visual space. Visit the exhibition

The &/ Project

&/ (And Or) is a digital space reimagining the relationship between art, interpretation, exhibition, and theory. &/ are a collective of three: artist, art writer and art historian. Instead of being guests in each other’s domains, they have generated a collaborative space. &/ is both an online exhibition project and itself an investigatory work, inviting collaborators and commissioned contributors to critically experiment with the internet and reconsider the interaction between printed matter and the work of art. The &/ project launched its online exhibition space in February 2014. They present two to three shows per year in collaboration with artists, art writers and web designers. &/ is curated by Isabella Streffen, Sarah Archino and Siofra McSherry.

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