Harmony is death!

A few months ago I read some memorable words about poetry from the Dutch poet and artist Astrid Lampe: ‘harmony is death’. I was lucky enough to catch Astrid at the North Wales International Poetry Festival and ask her about what she meant in more depth. You can now read what she said over on the festival blog. There you can also read one of her poems, translated into English and Welsh. Find it: http://northwalesinternationalpoetryfestival.blogspot.com

I really enjoyed this unique and inspiring festival back in October which brought some innovative poets from around Europe (and Armenia) to venues and events across North Wales. My other interviews with some of the visiting poets are: Vassilis AmanatidisDoina IoanidEiríkur Örn NorðdahlChristine Huber and Ondřej Buddeus. And ou an find out more about the festival at: http://www.northwalesinternationalpoetryfestival.org
Astrid Lampe